Weaver Designs, LLC
Weaver Designs, LLC



Meet the Expert

Laura Weaver is the principal designer of Weaver Interior Designs and has a combined experience of 28 years in residential and commercial designing. She has a degree from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, in Art History.

Through her education and experience, she has effectively utilized the classical components of the composition, color, texture, and a diverse assortment of materials for her client’s homes.

Make a Truly Exquisite Home

She believes in creating a lovely yet functional sanctuary where homeowners are revitalized and inspired by their surroundings.

She also finds it important to merge the client’s lifestyle and stylistic preferences with the architect's details to make a truly exquisite home.

Her Inspiration

Arizona itself is also a great influence on Laura’s designs. She has spent a lot of time horseback riding and hiking through the desert landscape, soaking up the smokey desert hues and the juxtaposing textures and shapes of the plants and volcanic rocks. Even the Hohokam and Anasazi Native Americans, with their building materials, colors, and dwelling arrangements, have inspired and impacted the Studio’s designs.